In order to study at Jönköping University, you’re required to become a member of the Student Union. This is done by paying your Student Union membership fee each semester.

In 2011, Jönköping University decided that compulsory Student Union membership should remain in place at the University. In brief, this means that all students at the University must be members of the Student Union. This is to ensure that the students have a strong influence over their education and the overall environment on campus.


There are two ways to pay the membership fee:

  1. Online payment via the membership website: Log in using your JU user account and follow the instructions. Fast and easy!
  2. Payment at the Student Service reception counter: It is possible to pay the fee directly at Student Service, but remember that there’s normally a very long queue at the start of a semester.
By payment of the compulsory Student Union membership fee, you consent to a. that your personal data will be collected and processed for the purposes required by the HI TECH Student Association at JTH, and b. pictures from the association’s events are being published, subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as outlined in the GDPR page.




Regardless of payment method, you should update your JU Card as soon as possible in order for it to work as a membership card for the Student Union. Visit the card printer in building A at Campus and have your card updated with the Student Union logotype.