Just over 30 years ago the trams were removed from the streets of Jönköping while a group of students walked along those streets preparing to change the School of Engineering forever. The year was 1986 when Top Gun was released in theatres, Swedish cows were allowed outside again for the first time since the Chernobyl accident, and the foundations of our student association were started. Initially, HI TECH mainly arranged social gatherings, but it allowed for the development we know today. Now, we have around 2,500 of which 150 students are involved in any of our five committees, with 12 members holding a unique position on the HI TECH Board.

We welcome you to a student association full of both old traditions and new thinking. Welcome to HI TECH at JTH!


The HI TECH student association works all year in the interests of its members at JTH. Involvement happens in all areas from education over inclusion to social life. For this matter the association is divided in  committees and work groups overseen by and represented in the Board of HI TECH, to deal with all aspects of the HI TECH agenda including countless projects and events throughout the year. 


Click here to find out more about HI TECH and how our student association works to promote the interests of all those who study at Jönköping School of Engineering. 




The By-Laws is the statue of the organization. HI TECH must follow the By-Laws. Any amendments or additions must be the result of two identically worded resolutions being passed by two consecutive regular Biannual Meetings.