HI TECH SOCIAL are recruiting:

Content Creator

Social Media Organizer

Include this in your application:

  1. Short description of who you are.
  2. Which position you are interested in and what you would mainly whant to do during your mandate.
  3. Short motivation of why you want to be a part of HI TECH SOCIAL.
  4. If you have any previous work within the same category as the position you´re applying for, attatch tat to the application as well! 

Send the application to:

Deadline 17th of September



There are no open positions.

Send in your application to with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Program you are studying
  • Phone number
  • Email adress
  • Your CV as a PDF
  • Answer to the following questions:
    • Who are you? Tell us about yourself
    • What is the main reason you applied for this position?
    • Do you have any previous experiences of similar work that this position requires?
    • Why should you be selected for this position?

By sending in your application your accept the following:

  • All information will be shared with the Board of HI TECH and the Nomination Committee.
  • The Nomination Committee will contact you for an interview. 
  • Description and CV will be attached with the meeting documentation. 
Good luck with your application!