The Overall law – Act (2016:511)

Chapter 1: Colours of overalls

1 § Student associations and their colors

HI TECH – School of Engineering

JSA – International Business School

LOK – School of Education and Communication

Hälsosektion – School of Health Sciences

The Student Union

Chapter 2: Patches

2 § Student association patch

Your student association patch should be located on your right thigh.


Your program specific patch should be located on your left thigh.


Your corresponding student associations logo located on the overall shall not be covered with patches or anything else.

Chapter 3: Specific regulations

5 § Program band

Your program band should be located on the left and right side of your overall.

  • Construction: Blue
  • Computers and informatics: Red
  • Logistics: Orange
  • Mechanical: Green
  • Lighting Design: Pink

6 § The Board of HI TECH

A HI TECH board member carries a gold-colored band on the inside of the legs of the overall.

A board member also carries the prestigious “Board of HI TECH”-patch.

7 § HIKE

The HIKE-committee patch should be located on the right leg of the overall.


  1. The tassel should sit on the left shoulder.
  2. HI LIFE-committee patch should be placed above the student association patch.
  3. Position within HI LIFE shall be visible on the collar.
  4. HI LIFE should be printed on the front of the left leg.
  5. After completion of service, the front left leg and collar are marked with an X.

Chapter 4: Changing of overall parts

9 § Overall Parts

You can trade parts of your overall freely except for the special regulations in 10§ and 11§.

10 § Intimate relationships

A switched left leg means the person in question has engaged in intimate physical relations and exchanged bodily fluids with the former owner of the leg.

11 § Oral exchange of bodily fluids

If the right sleeve has been switched with another individual that indicates the person in question has had an oral exchange of bodily fluids with the former owner of the sleeve.

Chapter 5: Other regulations

12 § Cleaning

An overall may only be cleaned if the owner is located inside it.

13 § Equipment

An overall should be equipped with a student, Caps-towel and a bottle opener.

14 § Writing on overalls

It is strictly forbidden to write on your own overall, but it’s fair game (and encouraged) to write on anyone else’s overall.