Purchase Manager

Hello there!

My name is Elin Björkdahl and I’m the purchase manager in HI TECH. I’m studying the master program Sustainable Building Information Management and before that, I studied Architectural engineering here at JTH.

As the purchase manager, I’m responsible for the HI SHOP. The purpose of the shop is to provide all the equipment students need for better student life. My main task also includes handling all the purchases made within HI TECH.

Another task is ordering all the equipment needed for our beloved kick-off. I’m responsible for ordering orange overalls, towels, patches etc.

If you have any questions about my role, the HI SHOP or HI TECH, do not hesitate to either swing by the office or contact me.  See you around!


☎️ 0767977679
✉️ purchase.hitech@js.ju.se