My name is Mathilda Ericsson and I’m the purchase manager in the board of HI TECH. I’m studying my first year at Industrial Engineering and Economics with focus on logistics and managment.

My main responsibilty within HI TECH is to take care of our HI SHOP. This means that I’m in charge of providing all the equipment students need for a better student life which is available in our shop.

As the purchase manager, I’m also in charge of handeling all the purchases made within HI TECH and making sure all equipement for the kick off is in stock, such as: overalls, towels, patches etc.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through email or talk to me in the hallway or in the HI SHOP.

Best Regards!

✉️ purchase.hitech@js.ju.se

Hey! My name is Angelica Björklöf and I’m in charge of the purchases to the board of HI TECH, and I’m also taking care of the HI SHOP. This semester I’m starting my last year of Lighting Design.

My job is to manage the HI SHOP and to make sure that the HI SHOP has all the equipment you need for an easier study. I also buy stuff for the HI TECH Office, bake cakes for the meetings with the board, because I’m the best at baking cinnamon buns, and arrange various events for the students, like for example The Engineers’ Dinner Party.

But I would probably say that the biggest and most fun mission will be to do all the purchases for the kickoff and help the new students to get the things they need for their new student culture.

Would you like to get involved in HI TECH and be a part of the HI SHOP project group? Grab me for a talk as soon as possible and I will tell you all about it!

Are you the next Purchase manager?    Appy at https://hitech.nu/apply


Apply for Purchase Manager before 3 April 23:59

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