HI TECH as an association is the product of three decades and countless students impacting its direction and meaning. This progress can only be achieved through constant communication between students and management.
Every single student has the opportunity to have his or her voice heard. You have the opportunity to do this every day via e-mails or personal discussions and questions at the HI TECH office. In addition, the most important event of the association takes place every six months: the Biannual Meeting.
But of course the association also needs people who put all these plans into practice. So if you want to get actively involved, you can take the chance and apply for a position or membership that suits you.


Once a semester, the board invites you to a biannual meeting. This event, which lasts several hours, is so important because every HI TECH member can bring motions, i.e. questions and concerns, to discuss with the current board.

In addition, the new board positions that have previously applied will be elected there.


Becoming an active member in the HI TECH Community comes with a ton of new contacts, friends and fun. But it also means responsibility and the chance to collect hands-on experience you can’t get from a lecture. It’s a great start into fields you’re interested in and will get you that little extra note on a CV.


... Currently no open positions

Treasurer - Board Position

The Treasurer of HI TECH is responsible for all financial matters of our association.  This includes budgets of all our committees and work groups the treasurer consults and overviews. 

Involvement Points

Involvement points are points that you can collect during your studies here at the School of Engineering if you are active in any association (such as HI TECH, HIKE, HINT, HI LIFE, HI EDUCATION), project group or being a Buddy, Fadder or Head Fadder. These points are then used when you apply for studies abroad!

The involvement points are evaluated by the Head of HINT with help from the HI TECH Board and project group leaders. A further decision is taken by the International Relations Office. The involvement points are given out for voluntarily work depending on how many accounted working hours you completed.

When you have applied for your points they will be transferred to the International Relations Office who keeps the points documented. The involvement points will be documented and valid for 5 years, or until you go on your exchange semester.