Student association
of jönköping
school of engineering

HI TECH is the student association for all those who study at Jönköping School of Engineering. The association has been working to promote the interests of students for more than thirty years. This includes arranging joint activities, parties, pub nights and kick-off; many of the fun events that contribute to a more enjoyable social life for students. HI TECH also works to promote student influence and educational scrutiny at, and in conjunction with, Jönköping School of Engineering.

Our committees HI LIFE, HIKE, HINT and HI EDUCATION arrange events during the year and work with educational questions.

The board consists of twelve students working to make sure your time at School of Engineering will be unforgettable.

HI TECH’s work groups are created to support the Board and our committees with their different areas of expertise.

Biannual Meeting

9th of November 2021 at Fagerhult Aulan. 

The Biannual Meeting is coming up for all the HI TECH student association members at JTH. It is the opportunity to be actively involved in the student life at our University. Every student can have an impact through brought up motions handed in beforehand. The meeting is also the occasion where the new positions in the HI TECH BOARD are getting elected. Applicants for the vacant positions must submit their applications before the 29th October.

What is a motion?
A motion is a proposal made by one or several members of HI TECH which is to be consideration of the biannual meeting. It is possible to propose amendments, of a general or specific nature, to the actions or policies of HI TECH.

What is an interpellation?
An interpellation is a question from one or several members to the Board of HI TECH. Regardless of the scope of this question, it must receive a written answer by the Board of HI TECH.

Requirement for participation in the event is proof of valid membership in form of the stamp on the JU Card. So make sure you have paid your fee and have the card on you when you come.  


Visiting Adress

Gjuterigatan 5
House E
School of Engineering

Postal Adress

Box 1026
Gjuterigatan 5
551 11 Jönköping