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Due to the three vacant positions in the HI TECH Board, we are going forward with a bi-election. A bi-election is held between general elections, our Biannual meetings, in order to fill vacant positions. The positions we have to fill are President, Vice President and Head of Finance.

These three positions are crucial for the continuation of HI TECH. It is important for all students to recognize that due to our bi-laws and regulations, without these positions, we will not be able to conduct any events. This means that HIKE can’t arrange trips, HINT can’t make waffles for you, HI LIFE can’t organize sittnings and that’s just the beginning.

What’s in it for you (except the chance to influence all JTH’s students school life)?
– An extra edge on your resume
– The opportunity to expand your network and connect with companies and organizations
– Free Aka entrance, every week!
– Possibility to reserve tickets for HI TECH-events (no queuing!)
– Nordic Wellness membership

Best of all, you will have the opportunity to be part of an amazing community and friends for life. Being involved does require some hours of your spare time, but the rewards in return outweigh the commitment. Personal development, workplace experience, and a wide network at school, which will enhance your experience at JTH. No previous experience is needed! We are looking for motivated students who are willing to get involved and willing to learn!



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