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For more than thirty years students have been engaged to make the student life as good as possible. A good way of getting engaged and be able to influence is to be a board member of HI TECH and represent all of the students at JTH.

Now we are going to elect six new bord members at our biannual meeting the 13th of November in Fagerhultsaulan.

  • Vice President of HI TECH
  • Head of HI LIFE
  • Head of Communication
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Affairs
  • Internal Organizer

Also we are going to hold a bi-election for the position as President. This means that we are looking for someone who will take the lead in the board for half a mandate – meaning half a year.

Besides the positions in the board you can also apply to be the accountant of HI TECH or be a part of the nomination committee for the year of operation 2019! Contact for more information!

What’s in it for you except the chance to affect your and all students on JTHs student time?

– Involvement credits for your semesters aboard.
– To meet new people and make friends for life.
– The opportunity to create contacts with companies and organizations.

And last but not least, it looks great on your resume and will make you stand out from the rest of your graduating classmates. Are you interested but uncertain? Send us a Facebook message, mail us or swing by our office located by the lunch room at lunch time.

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