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Applications are now open!


Image if a doctor prescribed the exact medicine to all of his patients, the results will be tragic. So many people would get sick, yet when it comes to school. This is exactly what happens.

Where one teacher stands in front of numerous students, each student having different strains, diffrent needs, diffrent gifts, diffrent dreams and they still teach the same thing, the same way.

That is why we need you. Apply to HI EDUCATION and help us make the education of JTH better for each and every student.

Applications for hiKE is now closed for this semester!


Applications for hint is now closed for this semester!



become a part of the hi tech board

Available positions at HI TECH:

  • President of HI TECH
  • Vice President
  • Internal Organizer
  • Head of HI LIFE
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Communication
  • Head of Affairs

Apply to HI TECH here

If you are unsure about the different positions, click here to read more about them.


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