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For more than thirty years students have been engaged to make the student life at JTH as good as possible. The best way to influence is to participate in the Biannual meeting.

Here are all the documents that you will need for the biannual meeting:

Appendix-HI-TECH-spring-biannual-meeting-2018 (1)

At the Biannual meeting we are going to elect six new bord members, which you can read more about here. Besides the positions in the board, you can also apply to be the accountant for HI TECH year 2018. (For more info, send an e-mail to

Do you want to influence what HI TECH should work with?

When? 10th of April, 17.00

Where? Fagerhultsaulan

When the day finally arrives, DO NOT FORGET to bring your valid JU-card and valid identification!

A tip from the board is to bring something tasty to eat! During the meeting we will provide you with coffee and after the meeting has finished we will celebrate with some pizza for all the members of HI TECH who have been participating during the meeting.

The biannual meeting will be held in English.

Make a change!
See you at the Biannual meeting

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