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Hello there! It’s time for a quick presentation, my name is Adam and I’m studying Software Engineering and Mobile Platforms and also, as you may see, I’m the head of HI EDUCATION.

HI EDUCATION is HI TECHs biggest committee and consists of 50 members or course evaluators as they are called. What it means to be a course evaluator is that you evaluate your courses and collect your classmates opinions after the course is finished.

What I do as the Head of HI EDUCATION is to act as a middle hand between the students and the teachers. To make sure that your education is as good as it possible can be, that you are getting treated the right way and that the teachers are doing there jobs. I am also representing the students of The Engineering School in different educational committees.

If you have any question regarding your education or just want to talk about life, the universe and everything then send an email or just come by the office.

Are you the next Head of HI EDUCATION?

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Apply for Head of HI EDUCATION before 3 April 23:59

Publicerat av HI TECH den 22 mars 2016

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