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Hey you!

My name is Fredrik Badh and because it’s so awesome to meet new people from all over the world I decided to apply for the post of Head of HINT, the international committee of HI TECH.

Now I’m in charge of integrating the international students at JTH and making sure you have an awesome time here, as well as planning activities such as International Week and some other fun stuff going on throughout the year! Other than that I work with the applications for the “study abroad points” together with the International Relations.

I start my year the best way possible by acting as Head Fadder for HINT at the amazing kick-off! I’m also the guy you would wanna talk to if you’d like to brighten up your student life outside your study here in Sweden by joining our little group of HINT!

Besides my work with the internationals I’m studying my second year of Constructional Engineering. I also play a lot of music and make a mean stuvade makaroner med falukorv!

Any questions about HINT, who’s the world’s best drummer or life itself; feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer them or give my opinion on it!
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Apply for HEAD OF HINT before 3 April 23:59

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