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Salutations! I am the President of HI TECH, the great and powerful, and as such I extend my warmest welcome to you, whether you be a former, current or potential member of this student association, or simply just interested in our work.

Our goal is to encourage and support students and their studies. We also want to enable members to influence the education at the school and provide a way for them to do so. However, most importantly, we make sure that there are several awesome, meaningful and totally epic social activities throughout the year in order to make our members’ study time her at Jönköping University the best ever.

As President it is my job to ensure that these objectives remain our focus, and that we as an organization strive towards achieving them. Apart from presiding at HI TECH’s board meetings, I also represent the students in several committees. 50 % of my working hours are spent at the Student Union, where efforts, resources and activities involving the entire Jönköping University are collaborated. I’ve been assigned to represent this union in the IT-committee. This job is what you make of it, just like your time at the School of Engineering.

We always seek to improve and develop, so if you have any ideas that may help us, let us know! Any awesome projects you want to start, thoughts on activities or ways to improve are more than welcome, so mail, text or call me or any of my colleagues when inspiration hits you. Or apply for the board! I need a splendid Vice President to help out with all the awesomeness going on in this organization.


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Publicerat av HI TECH den 21 mars 2016

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