Head of HINT

Hello amazing people,

My name is Renate Sjövik and I’m a second year New Media Design student here at School of Engineering.

Do you smell waffles in the air? Well then, it’s most likely HINT having one of our many Waffle Nights. You can even come with us around bars in Jönköping when we organize Pub Crawls or run around with us while we have Hide & Seek around Jönköping city. We also help out in the Go Exchange fair and run around like crazy people with exchange and master students at fall and spring Kick Off. Our goal as the committee HINT is to integrate students here at JTH and make everyone feel welcomed. We all love speaking English so never hesitate to come up to us and have a good old chat. Otherwise you are more than welcome to email HINT or phone me if you have any questions.


☎️ 0738333374
✉️ hint.hitech@js.ju.se