Head of HINT

G’day! What’s up?

I’m Amanda Odina and I’m currently studying my second year of Graphic Design and Web Development. I was born in England, I’m half Swedish and half Nigerian by blood, and I lived in Australia for over 12 years so I had four teams to cheer for during the World Cup!

I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to being involved in my various schooling communities. I jumped at the chance to join HINT as soon as I could thank an eagerness to be engaged and take on responsibilities. Being the Head of HINT is a huge privilege and I couldn’t be more excited to continue the HINT work and be the voice of the Internationals at JTH. As HINT, we organize the Waffle Night, HINT on the Run and Pub Crawl. You might have seen us running around at the Go Exchange event or dancing with the Exchange and Master students during the Kick-Off!
Our main priorities are Internationalisation and Integration, which we hope to develop even more with some new events that you won’t want to miss! Want to know more about HINT or just want to chat? Contact me through the HINT email, phone or just stop me around school!


☎️ 0793321060
✉️ hint.hitech@js.ju.se