My name is Marcus Wårhag and I’m the Head of Finance at HI TECH. I’m studying my first year at Industrial Engineering with focus on logistic and management. My job as Head of Finance is to handle all the finance and economics in HI TECH.

I do all the bookkeeping within HI TECH and make sure that all the money for both HI TECH and our committees are spent according to budgets. That therefor includes having the main responsibility for the economics in the social committees such as HI LIFE, HIKE, HI EDUCATION, HI EVENTS, and HINT. This means that I have a very close cooperation with the people who are responsible for the economics in these committees.

So if you have any questions regarding the finance or any new ideas how we should spend our money, then come and talk to me, do not hesitate to just grab me in the hallways, come by the office or send me an email!

$$ is King!