One important aspect of a student association’s work is to assist with educational issues. HI EDUCATION acts as a mouthpiece for the students and works to increase the quality-assurance of the education provided. They work to develop educational programmes and ensure that all teachers maintain the high standards that the students demand.  

HI EDUCATION ensures that a course developer is appointed for each course, compiling course evaluations in order to gain awareness of what the students think about the courses they have studied. The course developers are the link between you as a student and the course- and program managers. If you are wondering who is the course developer in your class, you can find a list of them here. HI EDUCATION hold regular meetings with the School of Engineering and the Student Union, and maintain good contact with those responsible for the educational programmes.  

If you as a student have any problems or questions, you can always reach out to HI EDUCATION for help. Follow HI EDUCATION on Instagram