HI EDUCATION is a committee from the student association of HI TECH, we work with issues related to your education. Our aim is for your education to be the best it can be, hopefully, the best one in Sweden!

The Head of HI EDUCATION needs to have a good relationship with everyone at the School of Engineering and the Student Union. The Head of HI EDUCATION is also a member of the committee “SUK” (Studentkårens Utbildnings Kommité/Student Union Education Committee) where we discuss issues and trade knowledge with the other schools at the campus. HI EDUCATION is also a part of the schools Education Council where we discuss subjects regarding education with all the program managers at JTH.

Today, HI EDUCATION has around 60 members, they are course developers. Their task is to ensure that the course development is available on PingPong and to have a good connection with the Head of HI EDUCATION and the teacher in each class. They are the link between you as a student and the course- and program managers. If you are wondering who is the course developer in your class, you can find a list of them here on the website under “Documents”.

After the course development has been completed and compiled, the course developer has a meeting with the course- and program managers where they discuss the course developments. These meetings are held four times a year. Us at HI EDUCATION is here to support the course developers with their work.

If you as a student have any problems or questions, you can always reach out to us for help!

To be a part of HI TECH and HI EDUCATION is really great!