HI EDUCATION is the education committee of the student association HI TECH, as one of the main aspects of the student association’s work is to assist with educational issues. We in HI EDUCATION act as a mouthpiece for students, and we constantly work to increase the quality assurance of the education provided at JTH. Our work is to develop educational programs and to ensure that all staff maintains high standards.

In HI EDUCATION, we also ensure that a course developer is appointed for each class, compiling course evaluations to evaluate and gain feedback on the given course. Course developers are the link between students and course- and program managers.

HI EDUCATION holds regular meetings with the School of Engineering, the Student Union, and the people responsible for educational programs.

You find a list of the course developers here


Head – Murtadha Al-Shammari
Vice – Sabah Arouk
Development Manager – Sandra Obradovic
Media Organizer – Stina Freijd