The Board of HI TECH is there to make everyone’s time at the School at Engineering their best. Twelf members in their respective positions form the executional lead of HI TECH and as such work in constant cooperation. Responsible for all HI TECH related matters, it is overseeing and coordinating the association committees and work groups, represented in the board by their heads. All actions go towards the improvement of students educational quality as well as their integration and equality. For this, the board collaborates closely with The Student Union.


President of HI TECH
Hello! My name is Erika Falk and I am the current President of HI TECH. I have taken a gap year from my studies, to work full time with this. I work approximately 40 hours per week. Most of the time I spend in my office that is located in the HI TECH office, otherwise I go to meetings or sit at the Jönköping Student Union office. As the President I have the main responsibility for the entire association. It is difficult to me to state all the different things I do on a daily basis, but they all have one common thing: I do them to make the student life better for you. You are more than welcome to email, call or text me.
Phone number: 076-048 48 68


Vice President of HI TECH
Hello, My name is Adina Valjakka and I’m studying my second year in embedded systems, computer engineering. My main responsibility as Vice President is to support the President of HI TECH. I am also the student representative in the work environment committee at both School of Engineering and Jönköping Student Union. If you have any questions regarding anything, just send me an email or stop me in the corridor. Until next time!


Treasurer of HI TECH
My name is Marcus Wårhag and I’m the Head of Finance at HI TECH. I’m studying my first year at Industrial Engineering with focus on logistic and management. My job as Head of Finance is to handle all the finance and economics in HI TECH. I do all the bookkeeping within HI TECH and make sure that all the money for both HI TECH and our committees are spent according to budgets. That therefor includes having the main responsibility for the economics in the social committees such as HI LIFE, HIKE, HI EDUCATION, HI EVENTS, and HINT. This means that I have a very close cooperation with the people who are responsible for the economics in these committees. $$ is King!


Internal Organizer
Hello! My name is Mathilda Ericsson and I’m the purchase manager in the board of HI TECH. My main responsibilty within HI TECH is to take care of our HI SHOP. This means that I’m in charge of providing all the equipment students need for a better student life which is available in our shop. As the purchase manager, I’m also in charge of handeling all the purchases made within HI TECH and making sure all equipement for the kick off is in stock, such as: overalls, towels, patches etc. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through email or talk to me in the hallway or in the HI SHOP.


IT Manager
My name is Pauline Wahle, I am second year student of New Media Design. As the IT manager of HI TECH I am responsible for all technical matters of our association. Internally I manage application and voting processes. Outside of these meeting related responsibilities I update the TV screens at JTH with new content. The biggest part of my position is this website, which I have set up and now update with the constant changes of our never settling association. Besides our social media appearances run by SOCIAL this website is our way to communicate with our big community.


Head of HIKE
Hej hej!
My name is Emma Härle and as the Head of HIKE I am in charge of the amazing HIKE crew. Together we arrange social events for the students at JTH, such as ski trips, HI SLAGET, trips to European cities, fort boyard and much more!


Head of HI LIFE
Hello! My name is Jacob Nilsson and I am the Head of HI LIFE. With HI LIFE, I arrange the main social activities during the year. Such as three CAPS, three sittnings and of course we arrange both the Spring Kick off and the Fall Kick off. We are here to make sure the students time at JTH is as fun as possible! As Head of HI LIFE, I’m the one with the main responsibility to make sure that HI LIFE does what is expected, and so much more! I attend weekly meetings with the Student Union to plan both the spring and fall kickoff, and I’m also in charge of the crew when HI LIFE works in the student nightclub Akademien.


Head of HINT
Our goal in HINT is to integrate international and Swedish students here at JTH and make everyone feel welcomed at all times. We all love speaking English and we’re always up for a good old chat if you ever find yourself needing anything around Campus or the city. You’re more than welcome to email HINT or contact me through my phone if you have any questions.

Svensson Duric



Head of Event
My name is Vilma Warvne and I’m studying my second year in the New Media Design Program. As Head of Event, I have the main responsibility for organizing events for HI TECH together with my work group HI TECH Event.


Head of Affairs
Hejhej! My name is Swezin Yu and I am a first-year student of Sustainable Supply Chain Management at JTH, also the Head of Affairs in HI TECH. As the Head of Affairs, I am in charge (together with my crew) of getting us some great deals and partnerships with external companies and associations to make our time here at JTH better. I’m also in a project group with JTH to hold a career event Karriärum in November. This is one of the best opportunities for you to find a great company for your internships (IPC/NFK), projects, and bachelor thesis. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my email or come by the office, if you have any questions or ideas or want to join my crew in Affairs. See ya!


Head of Social
Hello there! My name is Erica Lang and I’m a second year student of New Media Design here at the School of Engineering. My job as Head of Communication is to make sure that the communication to students and marketing of HI TECH is at its best. Me and my workgroup HI TECH SOCIAL are creating graphical content in different forms for HI TECH and the associations. Sometimes we are photographers, other times we are graphic designers. Additionally, we are running the social medias of HI TECH. Our tasks vary a lot so it is a really fun way to get involved. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!