Vice President

Hello there, my name is Felicia Borg and I am studying Mechanical Engineering.

I am the Vice President of HI TECH and my main responsibilities are to assist, help and support the President of our student association. Whenever Ms. President is unable to be present, I’m temporarily given the power and authority bestowed upon her and act in her place. That entails everything from leading board meetings, to prepare and be responsible for happenings and event.

Besides the things I described above, I representing the students of The School of Engineering (JTH) in some committees, for example, the work environment committee. I’m also mainly responsible for the nodes of JTH. If you have any questions, ideas or projects you want to start, feel free to contact me, by phone or e-mail, or just grab me if you see me in the hallways!

See you around!

☎️ 078011300