The Board of HI TECH

The Board of HI TECH includes twelve students working to make sure your time at The School of Engineering will be the best time of your life. To our aid we have our great committees and the Student Union.

Victoria Claesson
President of HI TECH


My name is Victoria Claesson and I am the President of HI TECH and I extend my warmest welcome to you, whether you are a former, current or potential member of this student association, or simply just interested in our work.

As the President of HI TECH I work part of my time with HI TECH specific matters, and part of my time at Jönköping Student Union. In HI TECH it is my job to ensure that we work according to our plan of operation, that the students voice remain as our focus and that we as an organization continue to strive towards improving ourselves. At the Student Union my main focus is quality systems. More than that I work with issues that is common to both HI TECH and the Student Union, such as; Education, work environment and social events.

When I’m not in a meeting or work with tasks connected to them, I try to support all the other board members in their daily work and develop HI TECH as an organization.

Engage yourself in the Board of HI TECH or in any of our committees or projects, it will be the best time of your life!
Trust me, I’m an engineer!

President of HI TECH since July, 2016
0760 - 48 48 68
Alexander Werthén
Vice President of HI TECH

Hello there, my name is Alexander Werthén and I am studying Mechanical Engineering.

I am the Vice President of HI TECH and my main responsibilities is to assist, help and support the President of our student association. Whenever Ms. President is unable to be present, I’m temporarily given the power and authority bestowed upon her and act in her place. That entails everything from leading board meetings, to prepare and be responsible for happenings and event.

Beside the things I described above, I representing the students of The School of Engineering (JTH) in some committees, for example the work environment committee. I’m also main responsible for the nodes of JTH. If you have any questions, ideas or projects you want to start, feel free to contact me, by phone or e-mail, or just grab me if you see me in the hallways!

See you around!

Vice President of HI TECH since January, 2017
0766 - 31 32 82
Malin & Mathilda
Head of Affairs


We are Malin Gavlefors & Mathilda Eliasson and we are the Head of Affairs at HI TECH.

We are both studying Industrial Organization Economics, Malin with a major in Logistic and Management and Mathilda with a major in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

As the Head of Affairs we are the ones in contact with companies, associations and sponsors. One of the main things every year is to arrange the career fair, Karriärum – HI WORK, together with a project group and the School of Engineering. This fall almost 90 companies came to the fair is the fair where students at the School of Engineering get the opportunity to meet companies for the upcoming Industrial Placement Course (IPC), Final thesis or a project.

If you have any questions regarding our sponsors, Karriärum – HI WORK or anything else I’ll be happy to answer them, just swing by the office or contact us!

Head of Affairs since July, 2017
0739 - 26 50 23
Jin Asp
IT Manager

Hello there!

My name is Jin Asp and I am studying computer enginering with focus on Embedded Systems.

I am the IT manager at HI TECH and my main responsibility is the website. It is my job to keep it updated and stylish.To improve and simplify it. It is also my job to serve my fellow colleagues with application forms and other IT related issues. I always strive to find new solutions and improvements.

I am also responsible for other technical things in HI TECH such as the computers at our office. If you have any suggestions or requests for improvement, feel free to send me an email or come visit me at the office!


IT Manager since January, 2017
0767 - 90 40 20
Julia Eriksson
Head of Communication

Hi there!
My name is Julia Eriksson and I’m the Head of Communication in HI TECH. I’m studying Industrial organization and economics with focus on logistics and management.

As Head of Communication my job is to promote projects and spread information from the association. This I’m doing by posting stuff on our social media channels, creating marketing materials and monitoring the billboards around JTH making sure they are up-to-date with the latest news.

If you have any questions regarding information or marketing, don’t hesitate to contact me through any social media, e-mail or just grab me in the hallway. Cheers!

Psst, always stay updated by following us:

Head of Communication since January, 2018
0739 - 03 72 27
Ebba Sjöström


My name is Ebba Sjöström and I am a student here at JTH. Right now I’m studying my final year at the building engineering program and I previously studied a technical base year here as well.

I’m sitting with the current board at JTH as Head of HI EDUCATION, which is HI TECH’s biggest committee with around 50 members each year. The members are called course evaluators and their assignment is to collect and summit their classmates course evaluations after each course has ended. These evaluations are then further discussed with the course and program managers in the hope of making the program even better.

As the Head of HI EDUCATION my job is to make sure that your education is as great as it possibly can be. I act as the middle hand between students and their course/program managers as I discuss possible problems, thoughts and feedback. I also make sure that all students are getting the right treatment and that the lecturer and managers are doing their job properly. In addition, I’m representing the students of JTH in different educational committees.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have regarding your education, the school, HI EDUCATION or any other questions/concerns. Just grab me in the hallway, in the cafeteria, in the microwave room or at the office. I always respond to emails if you can’t find me in person.

Hope to see you around!

Head of HI EDUCATION since July, 2017
0764 - 18 32 12
Jonas Hultgren
Head of Finance


My name is Jonas Hultgren and I’m the Head of finance at HI TECH. I’m studying my first year at School of Engineering on the program industrial organization and economics, focusing on logistics and management.

My job as the head of finance is to handle all the finance and economics in HI TECH. Which include that I also have the main responsibility for the economics in the social committees such as: HI LIFE, HIKE, HI EDUCATION and HINT. So this means that I have a very close cooperation with the people who are responsible for the economics in this committees, so we can invest and spend HI TECH money in the best possible way and give YOU the best time of your life here at School of Engineering on Jönköping University.

So if you have any questions regarding the finance, any new ideas how we should spend our money or if you just have any questions about the school come and talk to me,do not hesitate to just grab me in the hallways or come by the office. See you!

Head of Finance since January, 2018
0704 - 85 27 89
Annie Ekblom
Head of HINT

Hello peeps! My name is Annie Ekblom and I am a second year student studying Graphic Design & Web Development.

I love being active and to engage myself in all the cool things happening at school, which is one of the reasons I applied and became the Head of HINT. As Head of HINT I get to hang out with a lot of international people which is awesome as I love learning about different cultures.

Me and my HINT crew are organising events such as Waffle Night, HINT on the Run and Go Exchange Day. We are also a part of the Kick Off where we welcome exchange students & master students to join our team.

If you want to learn more about HINT, our events, or maybe just hang out and have a fika you can reach me on my email, phone or find me somewhere at school!

Head of HINT since July, 2017
0738 - 13 11 77
Emil Uvalic
Head of HI LIFE


My name is Emil Uvalic and I am the head of HI LIFE HI LIFE arranges the main social activities during the year, we have three caps, three sittings and we arrange the kick-offs.We are simply here to make the students time at JTH as fun as possible!

As Head of HI LIFE, I’m the one with the responsibility to make sure that HI LIFE does what´s expected and much more! I attend meetings with the Student Union to plan both the spring- and fall kickoff and I’m also in charge of the crew when HI LIFE works in the student nightclub Akademien.

Head of HI LIFE since January, 2018
0700 - 02 88 89
Christoffer Hagren
Internal Organizer

Hello there, I am Christoffer Hagren and I started study at JTH autumn 2017 and I am studying IL “Logistik och ledning”.

I am the Internal organizer of HI TECH. My duties are to write the meeting minutes on the weekly board meetings and on both biannual meetings. That’s my routine duties, I am also responsible for planning three teambuilding’s and two amazing dinners. One of them are the new students first dinner at JTH the “welcome dinner” during the kick-off and the other is the “HI TECH gala”.

Those tasks are the fun ones, the ones that are a little dirtier are that I am responsible for cleaning and throw out the old lunchboxes from the refrigerators in the lunch rooms every week. So, if you have gotten angry on a Tuesday evening then your dinner is gone you can blame me.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Internal Organizer since January, 2018
0733 - 62 53 25
Jesper Liedberg
Head of HIKE

Hello there stranger!

My name is Jesper Liedberg and I’m studying the second year at the Mechanical engineering program.

As the head of HIKE I’m in charge of the amazing HIKE crew. Together we arrange social events for the students at JTH, such as Game of HIKE, trips to European cities, ski trips, the three day annual event: HI SLAGET and much much more

If you got any questions regarding our events or got something else on your mind, don’t hesitate to grab me in the hallway or you can contact me here at the mystic Cyberspace.

Head of HIKE since July, 2017
0705 - 90 83 38
Maria Höijertz
Purchase Manager

Hey! My name is Maria.

What do I do?
Besides studying, I am also a member of the HI TECH board. My main task is to handle all the purchases made within HI TECH. I am also responsible for the HI SHOP. The purpose of the shop is to provide all the equipment students need for a better student life.

Another task that the Purchase Manager has to implement is ordering all the equipment we need for our beloved Kick-Off. It is my responsibility to make sure that we order enough orange overalls, towels, patches etc.

If you have any questions about my role, the HI SHOP or HI TECH, do not hesitate to ask me. See you around, ciao!

Purchase Manager since July, 2017
0703 - 85 36 04

Be a part of HI TECH

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