Campus Book Store

Buying brand-new course books means your wallet is going to take a battering. That’s the reason the campus book store, Campusbokhandeln, exists. Here, you can buy or sell used course books, which is a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative.

Buying used course books

Buying course books from Campusbokhandeln is easy. You’re four short steps from holding the book you need in your hand:

Read more about how to buy course books.external link


Sell your used course books

Once your course is finished, it’s time to make room on those bookshelves for new, exciting works. In the interest of avoiding the hassle of placing ads and posting notes all around campus, why not let someone else do the work for you?

By selling your books via Campusbokhandeln, there’s no longer any need for all that extra work. All you have to do to clear out your old books is:

  • Register an account at Campusbokhandelnexternal link.
  • Leave your books to Student Service – if you want to, you can preregister at Campusbokhandeln.
  • Wait – you will receive an e-mail as soon as one of your books has found a new owner. You can choose either to receive payments directly to your bank account or save the money and use it to buy course books for your next course.

Please note: If any of your books remain unsold after 12 months, you will receive an e-mail asking you to either collect them or give them up for recycling.

Read more about how to sell course books.external link