Internal Organizer

Hello there, I am Christoffer Hagren and I started study at JTH autumn 2017 and I am studying IL “Logistik och ledning”.

I am the Internal organizer of HI TECH. My duties are to write the meeting minutes on the weekly board meetings and on both biannual meetings. That’s my routine duties, I am also responsible for planning three teambuildings and two amazing dinners. One of them are the new students first dinner at JTH the “welcome dinner” during the kick-off and the other is the “HI TECH gala”.

Those tasks are the fun ones, the ones that are a little dirtier are that I am responsible for cleaning and throw out the old lunchboxes from the refrigerators in the lunch rooms every week. So, if you have gotten angry on a Tuesday evening then your dinner is gone you can blame me.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

☎️ 0733625325