HI TECH is working for good relationships with companies around Jönköping, and every year we have a career fair at Campus called HI WORK where companies have a chance too meet students.



HI WORK is a annual career fair organized by HI TECH at Jönköping University. A day where companies, both local and international, get a chance to prove themselves in order to attract future employees.

The day also gives companies the opportunity to give students an insight into the current market situation and possible prognosis for the future. Fairs can also be an opportunity for companies to share knowledge and contacts for other projects, an upcoming ex-job example

HI WORK has two winners, companies that can forge new contacts with both dedicated students and other entrepreneurs. Most importantly our students who will get a chance to meet interesting companies who offers internships, final thesis project and maybe a job for the summer.

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HI TECH will soon announce new guidelines for sponsorship. If you have any questions please contact our Head of Affairs.