November 22, 2018


The application is closed.

October 14, 2018

HI TECH Fair 2018

We welcome all students of JTH to HI TECH Fair 2018 On Wednesday 30th of October the HI TECH board will come together with the committees HI LIFE, HIKE, HI EDUCATION & HINT under one roof for HI TECH Fair 2018. Meet your fellow students who work every day to keep your education of high

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October 12, 2018


For more than thirty years students have been engaged to make the student life as good as possible. A good way of getting engaged and be able to influence is to be a board member of HI TECH and represent all of the students at JTH. Now we are going to elect six new bord

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September 14, 2018

We need you!

The applications for the Nomination Committee is now closed

September 10, 2018

Applications are now open!

MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO YOUR EDUCATION Image if a doctor prescribed the exact medicine to all of his patients, the results will be tragic. So many people would get sick, yet when it comes to school. This is exactly what happens. Where one teacher stands in front of numerous students, each student having different strains,

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September 7, 2018


Finally Friday!! Enjoy your weekend and make sure to recharge your batteries, because next week is HI WEEK! Except from Monday (when the new students have their Orientation Day) the week will be full of after school activities! MONDAY 10/9 Orientation Day Group 1 (JU Auditorium he102 13.00-17.00) DMP, Room E1418 (JTH) 08.00-12.00 DIS, Room

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